JULY 4th BBQ night - CHEF - Kevin Rivers

It’s getting warmer so no better way than to celebrate with an ode to a good old BBQ.

the word barbecue is also used to refer to social gathering in which barbeque is served, one of the earliest recorded barbecues that spread the culture of these events to American colonists was dubbed the barbecue feast: or, the three pigs of Peckham, broiled under an apple tree. Traditionally held outside. They could be small informal gatherings with a few of people in a backyard or a formal event that could last all day, typically held for larger amounts of people. By the 19th century barbecues became one of the main forms of United States public celebration, especially in celebration of July 4

What we will be serving this evening is

Bakerie BBQ Bowl

Selection of pork belly coated in our smoked Applewood BBQ sauce , Cajun chicken hot wings , blackened beef ribs and smoked sausage served with slaw, buttered corn and potato wedges paired with a bottle of craft Ale or a glass of house wine

Meal&Drink (£14.50)

Sales stopped

July 04, 2017 19:00 - 23:00 (GMT +00:00 UTC)

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