PREVIOUS EVENT 20th April 2017 ..... Duck Wellington with Le Chapeau Noir Cabernet Sauvignon - CHEF - David Cook

Duck Breast smothered in Dijon mustard and wrapped in an apricot, shallot and bacon pate, all parcelled into a pastry shell and oven baked until golden. Meat will be served semi pink.

Served with roasted Fennel and Potato Dauphinoise with a rich Madiera sauce.

You will be served a Large glass of Le Chapeau Cabernet Savignon with your meal.

This wine will also be on offer for the night by the glass and by the bottle.



Meal&Drink (£14.50) - Sold out

Sales stopped

April 20, 2022 19:00 - 23:00 (GMT +00:00 UTC)

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